Bump Update

How Far Along: 17 weeks! 


Sleep: sleeping well and feeling really great lately (despite the unimpressed face displayed above, when I was 17/40 markers up the moutainside and not happy about the ascent).

Movement: starting to feel her movin’ around in there, but only at night, after I eat, if I keep very still…

Appreciating: that my mom, hubby, and sis in law Hannah all waited for me while I took it slow going up the Grouse Grind this week! I felt very heavy and sluggish, but we made it together! 

Craving: all of the things I can’t have – soft cheese, rare steak, and a cold beer! 

Nesting: no time for the nesting instinct to kick in, we’ve got a reception to pull off and in-laws in town to spend time with! 

Looking Forward To: spending a long weekend in our rental mansion in West Van with Tom’s family – sleeping in, drinking coffee, and swimming in the pool! 

Bump Update

How Far Along: 16 weeks!

FullSizeRender (1)

Sleep: still enjoying going to bed early most nights (around 10pm or so). 

Movement: nothing yet, but hopefully soon..

Appreciating: having the energy to be cooking meals in my kitchen again now that the first trimester is behind me! 

Craving: anything juicy! Sour candies, pineapple, watermelon, popsicles…

Nesting: painted our living room and rearranged the furniture – it’ll be such a cozy winter with a newborn! 

Worrying: actually not worrying about much these days, very uncharacteristic for me! 

Looking Forward to: an article I wrote about being pregnant being posted this week on Loose Lips Magazine (update: click here to read it!)