Bump Update

How Far Along: 31 weeks!


How I’m Feeling: heavy and slow, but I know there’s still many weeks of growth to go.

Sleep: some nights good, some nights bad (it’ll probably be that way for a couple of years).

Movement: it’s so fun when she gets interactive with us and kicks against our hands when we rub my belly at night.

Appreciating: all good news from the midwife at this week’s appt. Strong heartbeat, good blood pressure, and measurements on track.

Symptoms: achey hips and joints, some back pain, and really creaky knees and ankles when I work out! Otherwise I feel fantastic most days and I’m so grateful for that.

Nesting: lots of cooking and baking happening again now that it’s cool enough to use our oven, but we’re still waiting a while to buy all the baby stuff.

Enjoying: September! Fall vibes, and the weather’s still warm. Love it.

Looking Forward To: we have three baby showers to attend this month (one is our own), so I’m looking forward to celebrating some mamas and babies this month!

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