Bump Update

How Far Along: 34 weeks!

How I’m Feeling: generally pretty great, but I’m definitely slowing down and am having to learn to accept that. I’ve always had pretty limitless energy and have enjoyed pushing myself to do things at ‘full speed ahead’ …walking, working, writing, exercising. I’ve caught myself feeling bad that I get out of breath climbing a hill when I’ve already been for a three-hour walk that morning, or that I no longer have the energy to cook a nice meal for dinner every day. So silly! So I am allowing myself these last six or so weeks to breathe deeply, slow down, and really appreciate my body for being able to carry this baby, which is a much stronger feat than any race I’ve run, after all.

Sleep: the third trimester insomnia they talk about is a real thing, let’s just say that. 

Movement: spastic, as usual; I think that Baby Procter is pretty excited to join in the fun on the outside! 

Craving: Coffee Crisps, pumpkin smoothies (I make them myself and they’re SO good!), fast food…and Tums.

Symptoms: heartburn, insomnia, and a general feeling of being large and uncomfortable pretty much all the time, but especially when I’m trying to put on my shoes, get out of bed, roll over, pick something up off the floor .. the list goes on. Sometimes when I drop something I just have to leave it. 

Nesting: after being spoiled at our baby shower, nesting this week has consisted of trying to find space in the apartment for all of our wonderful new stuff! We are also both very much in love with our new stroller. The annual sale at Babies R Us gets a big thumbs up from the Procters!

Enjoying: long walks, crunchy leaves, and lots of daydreaming. Plus occasionally pushing the aforementioned stroller around the apartment for fun.

Looking Forward To: shopping for non-maternity clothes again one day…I hope!

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