Bump Update

How Far Along: 37 weeks!


How I’m Feeling: great, actually! No aches, no pains, no twinges. Gonna high five this baby when she comes out (hopefully the trade-off for a great pregnancy isn’t a terrible labour). 

Sleep: sleeping the same as I’ve slept all pregnancy – mostly well, with 3-5 bathroom breaks per night. I fall asleep pretty easily again afterwards though, so it hasn’t made me feel too tired during the day. 

Exercise: I’m not doing any exercise other than my daily walks, and that feels like the right choice for me at this point. 

Position: an ultrasound on Wednesday confirmed what we had already suspected – that the baby is head down and sinking lower all the time. 

Symptoms: lots of movement from the baby, no weight gain for the past month or more, and just feeling big and slightly uncomfortable (as expected!). My back only hurts when I’m sitting in one position for a long time, so I keep moving as much as possible. 

Appreciating: that we’re finally getting super busy at work so I have a lot of projects that will hopefully keep me distracted over the last few weeks and help the time fly by!

Baby Prep: packed the hospital bags for my two babes (BabyProc and Tom), but still have to pack my own. Despite reading blog posts about it and receiving numerous gems of wisdom from family and friends I remain plagued with indecision about what to bring and what to leave behind, so I think my official decision is just to leave it ’til the last minute and pack my bag during early labour. 

Looking Forward To: well obviously we’re always looking forward to meeting this baby, seeing what she  looks like, and putting her in all of her adorable sleepers. But I can’t write that every week, so today I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to doing non-pregnancy stuff, like rolling over in bed with ease, wearing (and shopping for!) non-maternity clothes, and enjoying a nice cider or some rye with my Pops at Christmastime. 

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