Bump Update

How Far Along: 39 weeks!


How I’m Feeling: excited, nervous, tired, bored, curious, apprehensive, and a little scared  (somehow all at once). I’m told that most first-time mama’s go past their due date but I’m still hoping to be an exception to the norm. 

Sleep: I’m making it work. 

Exercise: no, thank you!

Position: baby was head down and anterior (facing my spine aka the ideal position for birth) at our ultrasound on Tuesday this week. Fingers crossed that she’s there for good now!

Symptoms: occasional pains that hint at something more sinister, but nothing that makes me feel like this baby is coming anytime soon. 

Appreciating: that being pregnant gave me the experience of knowing what it’s like to have a rock hard stomach for the first time in my life 🙂 

Baby Prep: we’ve done all the prepping and packing that we’re gonna do; we’ve got the basics and will wing the rest of it. Parents have been successfully caring for newborns without all the bells and whistles offered at Babies R Us for thousands of years. 

Looking Forward To: not being in labour limbo anymore! 

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