Bump Update – 24 weeks with Baby #2



Sleep: I keep saying this but I’ll say it again: because I know what’s coming I’m truly savouring every single good night’s sleep I’m getting. 6-8 hours without waking to a baby’s cry is heaven and the luxury is not wasted on me. Oddly enough, the teeth-falling-out dreams I had around this time last pregnancy have started coming back again a few times a week; isn’t that crazy? I googled what it means and apparently these types of dreams can occur when a person is going through a time of transition and feels as though circumstances are out of their control. Okay then. 

Movement: his movements are changing lately as he grows bigger – less spastic and jerky and more big, rolling movements. I know that until week 28 ish is the time that a baby usually has the most space relative to it’s size and it sure feels like he is somersaulting in there while he still has the room to do so! Apparently he’s around 1.5 lbs these days, I can’t believe how fast these babies grow!

Enjoying: watching Hennie interact a little more with other kids and new people. We go to a drop-in play group during the week and she is usually so shy but is slooooowly warming up to playing with others instead of just near others. It’s so much fun to watch her confidence and curiosity grow over time. It makes me so interested to see what she’ll be like when her brother arrives and how she’ll react to him. 

Craving: Sunshine! I’m so glad it isn’t cold or dark anymore, but it was hailing like crazy last week and I’m ready to be barefoot in the grass. We are getting little pockets of sunshine here and there but it would be nice to retire my toque and hiking boots until next Fall. I ditched my winter coat a while back since I’m past the point of zipping it up anyway.

Nesting: we’re loving calling the baby by his name now that we’ve decided on one, not sure if that really counts as nesting but it makes me feel warm and cozy on the inside, so I’m going to pretend it does. I don’t think it’s pregnancy related but we have been on a major home improvement kick lately and I’ve been on an unstoppable plant-buying-bender. I just can’t get enough greenery in our home!

How I’m Feeling: I’ve been surprised to find how different this pregnancy is to my first; I admit that I was pretty much expecting to have the same experience as I had carrying Hennie, but of course that seems like a pretty silly expectation. This time around my back is giving me shooting pains and a lot of the standard pregnancy aches that didn’t catch up to me until very late in my last pregnancy have started much earlier, likely because these kiddos are relatively close together and my muscles aren’t nearly as strong as they were last time. But I still think I’m having a fairly fantastic pregnancy in the scheme of things!

What’s New: lately Hen has been discovering just how much fun it is to throw things across the room or onto the floor. Even though it makes her laugh uproariously and we find it cute most of the time, there’s something incredibly disheartening about thoughtfully cooking a delicious family meal every night and then cleaning half of it off the floor shortly after it’s done. Bonus points to me if Hen puts as much food in her mouth as she puts on her head! Oh, the toddler stage.

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