Our Kitchen Update


Hi, guys! I know this isn’t normal fodder for this mama-focused blog but I thought I’d share our completed kitchen renovation today. Maybe it would be more of an ‘update’ than a full-scale renovation because we chose to reface the existing cabinet doors rather than redesigning the entire kitchen. That said, it took a long time and was a lot of work so no matter what you wanna call it, I am enjoying baking muffins right now in the finished product!


When we moved into our condo in September we instantly agreed that the limited amount of funds we had left over after closing on our new place would go toward updating this kitchen. I spend a lot of time cooking, baking, and meal prepping and it was clear that the kitchen hadn’t been updated since the building was built in the 1990’s. It wasn’t overtly heinous, but it was definitely dated. Since we were working with a small, firm budget we chose to keep the original cloudy-grey flooring for the time being and focus on re-facing the cabinets, replacing the laminate counters with quartz, installing under-cabinet lighting and a tile backsplash, and updating the sink, fixtures, and hardware.

When selecting colours and materials my aim was to modernize and brighten the space without doing anything too trendy. This is our first home and while we intend to spend a few years here before moving on, we also want to make all of our home reno decisions with resale value in mind. Our biggest obstacle to overcome was lighting – there is no natural light in our kitchen and it can be quite dark. Luckily I’m a fan of all-white-everything anyway! I chose soft white cabinets, glossy white subway tiles, and a white flecked countertop, offsetting all of the light colours with traditional style matte black hardware throughout the kitchen and a custom wood bar for the pony wall. We installed an open pantry on the bare wall to the right of the fridge and that was made from the same raw ash as the bar.

Here are the ‘before’ pictures, if you’d like to see how far it’s come! Can we all agree that under-cabinet lighting is a total game changer? I can actually see the food that I’m preparing now! Having a big sink and a new faucet also turned out to be a crucial and simple update that has improved my quality of life more than I’d like to admit. Tom can attest to how often I used to curse while doing the dishes – some appliances like our Vitamix didn’t actually fit under the old faucet and I had to rinse them in the tub!

Hope you likey (but if not, whatevs, ’cause I’m the one who spends half my day here!). Insanely massive shoutout to my Uncle Russ who measured, ordered, and installed all of our new cabinet doors as well as creating all of the custom woodwork. He did over 80 hours of free labour in our home in the last six months and without him we would have had to wait years before tackling this project. We love it and we’re so grateful!

Bump Update – 32 Weeks with Baby #2


Sleep: sleep is not going super well anymore. It could definitely be worse so I appreciate what I am getting but between Hennie’s teething wake-ups, third trimester insomnia, my growing physical discomfort, and needing to pee every hour I can’t say I’m getting those deep sleeps that our bodies crave. Oh, well! It’ll probably be years before we’re getting good sleep again and I’ve resigned myself to that.

Movement: This baby is so interactive that I feel like we’re already hangin’ out together in the middle of the night! When I press against his feet at night he always kicks back. I don’t pay much attention to his movements during the day but once Hennie is in bed for the night I notice every little jab. His feet are tucked right up in my ribs in the same spot his big sister’s were last time.

Appreciating: this recent June-uary weather. I know the sun and heat will be back so I’m enjoying the cooler temps these days while I can. I expect July is going to be an uncomfortable month for me.

Craving: spicy chicken burgers, always! Not sure this counts as a craving since it was my favourite meal before pregnancy too, but it’s basically what I feel like eating at any given moment. Send me all the FatBurger gift certificates, please!

Nesting: I’ve been so funny lately – I can’t make a decision to save my life but when it comes to little jobs around the house I’m getting. shit. done. Organizing, re-organizing, making space for another crib, you name it! Still lots to do to get ready but I’ve got time left to do it.

How I’m Feeling: tired and slow, but all is well and I certainly can’t complain when I’m having a healthy pregnancy. Some days I feel like I don’t have the energy to even get out of bed but some days I can get a walk and a workout in no prob. I am listening to my body day to day and just responding according to what it needs. Unless it needs a nap…