Having a Baby in a One Bedroom

Welcome to our bedroom / nursery!

We thought our family across the world might like to see a few photos of where the baby will be living once she gets here – hopefully that’ll give some context to anyone who is planning to FaceTime our newborn!

Because real estate is crazy expensive and also because we love our apartment and neighborhood so much, we made the choice to stay in our one-bedroom flat indefinitely. Upgrading to a home with an extra bedroom would necessitate a significant financial sacrifice and we know quite a few young couples who are raising their baby (or multiple kids!) in the same amount of space that we have. The upside: we don’t have to waste our money on an expensive baby moniter since we’ll be able to hear if she’s crying from all corners of our cozy abode…and probably in the hallway, in the street outside our balcony, and in our neighbours’ apartments too, for that matter. #thinwalls

When I first started thinking about the best way to smoothly transition an extra human into our home, I was sure of only one thing: I didn’t want the nice adult space we had created to become Babysville. As a homebody, my bedroom has always been a sanctuary for reading and relaxing, and while I recognize that the baby is probably going to take over our hearts, schedules, and spaces, I figured that could happen without hanging pink bows and baby animals all over the place. Not really our style anyway.

What we ended up doing was dividing our room into grownup space and baby space (ish). Half of the room has retained an adult feel, with our bed under the watchful gaze of Lake Louise, while the other half of the room has the baby’s crib, changing table, and the storage units that already house the growing collection of little girl clothes from my own mama, who cannot seem to help herself. The trick now is figuring out how to keep the room this clean once there are three of us living in it!

Jess Writes: Locally Sourced Baby Names

FullSizeRender (6)

It’s no secret that we love the city of Vancouver, though Tom has only been here for three years. We’ve spent a lot of time together walking different neighbourhoods, cycling around the city, imbibing local brews, picnicking on the seawall, and revelling in the proximity to lakes, mountains, and trails. Our interest in doing local stuff eventually overlapped with our many conversations about finding a name for our upcoming firstborn, and we started seeing baby names everywhere, prompting Jess to write an article about it for (the kickass, women-focused) Loose Lips magazine, which you can read here, if you’d like to.

Tom’s Take on: What to Expect


“No one tells you how hard it will be!”

That’s probably the advice I’ve heard the most from recent parents I’ve spoken to.  Although, to me, that sounds like a pretty clear warning to prepare for something that’s going to be really, really hard.  And I’m quite surprised that those people didn’t hear something similar when they were expecting their first child.  What did they hear?

“It’s going to be tricky, but nothing really changes…”

“Having a child is just like looking after a cat…”

So to prepare for what could be the hardest challenge of our lives, here are a few things I am expecting for us that will likely change in the lead up to Nov:

  1. Approx. 4 hours of sleep a day.  From what I’ve heard about the baby needing to feed and to keep waking up during the night, this sounds like a reasonable expectation.  If we get any less than this than someone needs to tell us now!
  2. Approx. 20 hours of crying a day.  I got to this number by simply subtracting the amount of hours we’ll be unconscious from the length of the day and expecting that those hours will be consistently full of tears (the baby’s or our own!).  If we’ll be crying while we’re sleeping then someone needs to tell us now!
  3. Baby turds will get everywhere! On our clothes, in our hair, on the new white crib and, I’m sure at some point, we’ll inadvertently taste it.  But if fire comes out of there then someone needs to tell us now!
  4. Not being able to go out! Although, fortunately, Jess and I are already an old, married couple so this will suit us just fine.  If we are required to be more social when the baby comes then someone needs to tell us now!
  5. Jess and I will get on each other’s nerves! And we will likely not agree on a lot of things.  But if we get through a hard week and the baby passes out and there’s a chance one of us will turn down the offer of a cold cider on our balcony then someone needs to tell us now!

Happy Long Weekend!

Happy Canada Day long weekend from us! We’re relaxing in the sunshine at Mom’s house for two days and, fittingly, putting together Tom’s application for permanent Canadian residency. As the only pregnant individual in attendance, Jess has been elected to bartend the festivities. Luckily, “sangria made from leftover wedding wine” happens to be her specialty.


Our June Reception

When we decided to elope late last year, we knew all along that one of the most important things to us was having our two families meet and spend some time together. We decided to plan a reception during one of Vancouver’s sunnier months so that the Procters could visit and see the city in it’s best light. On June 4 we were finally able to celebrate with our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and the next generation of kids and babies at a property over-looking the ocean in West Vancouver.

There were so many wonderful moments during the day, and we’re so grateful to have family that think we’re worth travelling across the world (or country) to see. Thanks to all who attended or sent their best wishes! We love you!

Last Supper with the Procters

We had such a wonderful time showing Tom’s family around Vancouver this June! We went for runs on the seawall, long walks, hikes on the local mountains, and many lovely dinners at old and new favourite locations. It’s so nice for everyone to get to know each other better and for our two family’s to finally get to meet! We’re sad to see them go.


Our Elopement

P1140878We said our vows in an intimate elopement in our sunny apartment on the morning of November 28, 2015. Our short and sweet ceremony was followed by a very cold photo session at City Hall, fireside drinks in Queen Elizabeth Park, a cozy dinner with four of our closest friends, and a messy, boozy bash back in our apartment. It was a perfect day and we wouldn’t have changed a thing – except perhaps the pounding headaches we woke to the next morning.

(PS, Jess later wrote about planning an elopement for Loose Lips Magazine, and you can read the article here.)