Our June Reception

When we decided to elope late last year, we knew all along that one of the most important things to us was having our two families meet and spend some time together. We decided to plan a reception during one of Vancouver’s sunnier months so that the Procters could visit and see the city in it’s best light. On June 4 we were finally able to celebrate with our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and the next generation of kids and babies at a property over-looking the ocean in West Vancouver.

There were so many wonderful moments during the day, and we’re so grateful to have family that think we’re worth travelling across the world (or country) to see. Thanks to all who attended or sent their best wishes! We love you!

Bump Update

How Far Along: 20 weeks! Halfway! 


Sleep: slept well all week in our amazing hotel bed in the Kootenay mountains, but woke at 6am most mornings to the hubby watching EuroCup matches in bed.

Movement: lots of movement on the inside, especially at night, but Tom still can’t feel much happening on the outside yet. 

Appreciating: the halfway point! How can it feel like time is going so slowly and so quickly all at once!?

Craving: not a lot, actually, except for the sunny days when I crave a cold beverage on a hot patio somewhere. 

Nesting: bought and assembled our crib and changing table last week (we know, it’s early), but have been on the road around BC and Alberta for the last 8 days, so no other home improvements have been made.

Worrying: about gestational diabetes, as last week’s ultrasound showed the baby was measuring a little big.  

Looking Forward to: getting home, unpacking, and getting out for my daily long walks! 

Last Supper with the Procters

We had such a wonderful time showing Tom’s family around Vancouver this June! We went for runs on the seawall, long walks, hikes on the local mountains, and many lovely dinners at old and new favourite locations. It’s so nice for everyone to get to know each other better and for our two family’s to finally get to meet! We’re sad to see them go.