Ode to the First Month

This is the story of a Little Red Hen

who was born to a mama and dad

who took her home from the hospital

and the Little Red Hen went mad.


First they bounced their Little Red Hen

and walked her ‘round the town,

but still she screamed and cried all day

and never let them put her down.


Then they shushed their Little Red Hen

’til both their throats were dry,

they shushed and sang and bounced ’til morn

but the Little Red Hen still cried.


Next they drove their Little Red Hen

with her carseat buckled tight,

she almost slept but would wake each time

they paused at a red stoplight.


Last they bathed their Little Red Hen,

swaddled up like in the womb,

but the Little Red Hen didn’t like that much

and her cries filled the little bathroom.


“You cannot fix this Little Red Hen,”

said the doctor, “it’s just colic!”

So the Little Red Hen just screamed and cried

and her mom became an alcoholic.

Hennie James: Two Months

We have a two-month-old! So hard to believe. When I was pregnant I spent so much time daydreaming about what this newborn phase would be like. I imagined long naps together, hours spent cuddling, and sweet moments as a family. The reality has been very different and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wishing this phase away. Everyone keeps telling us to appreciate every second but we feel pretty confident that we won’t miss these days later, no matter how cute and little she may be. That said, she is starting to show signs of change that lead us to hope she will not be a “high needs” baby forever.

Hennie Likes: holding hands, crying, constantly moving, being on the changing table, being next to mama in the Solly wrap, white noise, her green bouncy chair, waking up at 8am, the right boob.

Hennie Dislikes: having clothes put on, drinking from a bottle, being still, being quiet, being in the family heirloom bassinet, being left anywhere without company, being startled, the left boob.

Development: Hen has started to pay a lot of attention to lights, is holding her head up (quite a feat w a noggin this size!), kicking a lot, and looking around (preferably over the shoulder of someone who is bouncing her around the kitchen). She smiles easily but her smiles often morph into cries very quickly. She’s starting to figure out that the sounds she hears are actually coming from her own mouth! She is becoming much more alert and quickly growing out of her NB and 0-3 month clothes and into 3-6 month stuff! We are hoping she will learn to be awake without screaming a little more often, and are looking very much forward to the day when she lets us cuddle her 🙂